Electrical Electronics Engineering

Electrical Electronics Engineering

Hi friends this is Divakar, working in APGenco as assistant engineer. I am before you give my opinions on preparations of  competitive exams on electrical engineering stream. First of all I will give you approach of most of our students preparation towards competitive exams after B.Tech/BE.

Most of the students are more conscious on entrance exams of B.Tech/B.E at the time of intermediate, it may be because of either college and parents pressure or believe that if we get good college in BTech then we could easily settle in future. So after huge efforts they will grab admission in a Good college but after entering in to a engineering college every one concentrate on internal exams, labs, viva voice, assignments and external exams. Most of the students are aim for percentage in semesters however some are aim for pass marks also by last night preparation .

After completion of semester, that respective subject books will go roof and new semester starts. The same process will continue till it our end of our graduation. Every one run for their semester percentage and forget concepts after exams. Real problem starts after completion of graduation.

At the end of graduation everyone have handsome percentage but meager percentage of campus placements cost you jobless. So you need to rely on competitive exams. Most of PSU’s are hiring by gate scoring so everyone decide to prepare for GATE and IES after B.Tech. Some students prefer home preparation and some are prefer MADE EASY/ACE institutions.

Every institution batches start on May month and ends on January, because GATE mostly on February month. In every institution at least 200 students attend with you and classes last for 10hrs a day.In every class faculty trying to teach you what you learn at the time of B.Tech. So it is sort of remembering of your forgotten stuff, as per the promise by the institution they cover all the syllabus at the end of January (what a punctuality!). So u have one week for revise all your subjects and practice problems. Due to deficit time of practicing we may not clear GATE on same year. After failure of first attempt every one desired to stay for home preparation. The same preparation and same subjects will continue but some more ingredients will going to add i.e relatives enquires on your settlement and parents uncertain fear towards your carrier. In my opinion if any one couldn’t finish any competitive exam in two years then it is really tough to competitive with fresher. Recent survey told that every year 1.5 million graduates passed out every year, it means you need to competitive with more than 2 million graduates a year so you should very conscious about your preparation from earlier.

Here I include some of my analysis towards preparation of competitive exams. You should follow following points from your starting of graduation to be a successful aspirin.

  1. Choose your goal wisely before selecting your stream. For example: GATE, IES, CIVILS, Software, Banking, Mtech and ph.D,  MS…..etc.I choose GATE and IES as my goal so I am going to discuss how to prepare for IES and GATE.
  2. Collect complete information about previous exams of IES/GATE at the time of 1st year. Tabulate subjects, syllabus and their respective weightage. In my opinion getting information is half preparation over.
  3. Read all previous years objective papers on the subjects you have at the starting of your semester. You may not understand it, seems like Chinese movie without subtitles but it helps you at the time of classes. You could realize how important that topic is going to be.
  4. Don’t prepare for percentage at the time of semesters, most of your preparation should be in conceptive way only. There is no certain recognize for your percentage after your graduation.
  5. Prepare with multiple books for a single subject. Mostly follow one low level and one high level book. For example: machines by bakshi and ps bimbra.
  6. Collect ace or made easy hand written notes.
  7. Everyday practice problems and objective on the topic discussed by faculty at that day. Give priority to objective than descriptive.
  8. Concentrate more on important subject like network analysis, control systems, machines and power system which have handsome weightage.
  9. Daily practice vocabulary. i.e learn at least five new words a day. Because in IES/GATE allotted some marks for vocabulary. It’s really hard to prepare one or two months for vocabulary. It should be step by step.
  10. Daily glimpse of any English news paper. It not only develop your soft skills but also aware of general knowledge. 100 marks are allotted for general studies in IES, and also it helps you ininterviews, group discussions.
  11. Periodically glance of previous subjects you already prepared, so you will not forget.
  12. Every one think that “there is no time to prepare for competitive exams at the time of semesters because messed with internal and lab exams” but if you unable to adjust time to read 4 subjects in 6 months then how could you adjust time for 20 subjects in 9 months?. So first of all come out from negative thinking and start preparation. Our electrical is a subject which can feels tasty after going in depth.
  13. Don’t waste your time for non core subjects like management studies, environmental studies, fluid mechanics, DBMS, MEFA….etc. prepare these subjects at the time of exams only.
  14. Some tough subjects are liked to be neglected by others. For ex: analog circuits, micro processors, maths..etc. Don’t neglect these subjects because 2 marks difference is enough for get marginal rank from others in this competitive exams. To win a race there should be one advantage than others, this is the one which makes you win.
  15. Maintain one book while preparing. Write down all important points, formulas, some topics u like to forget. This book helps you before going to exam. Important thing of preparation is recollecting of all your preparation.
  16. You should finish your preparation at the starting of final year. Last year is only for prepare last year subjects and revision of all previous years subjects.
  17. Remember one thing knowledge at the time of graduation is more than after graduation because freshness of your mind and recent aware of all topics. So feel desperate to get good rank at your final year
  18. If you are unable to finish handsome rank to grab a job then go for any institution like ACE/MADE EASY. Coaching institute is more helpful when you already prepared. At the time of classes Just watch if the topic is well known but when you notice something new to you then concentrate more on that topic. As per my analysis coaching helps you to get some odd 10 marks. In that way you can concentrate on your weak areas.
  19. And final important thing is way of preparation should be altered with the type of exam. For example: GATE has lot of time for a question and has lot of problematic twisting but where as in IES has meager time for question and most are coming from previous years. So you should opt to prepare on the respective exams.

In present scenario college faculty doesn’t teach you in point of view of GATE/IES. So From this site I would like to deliver some classes on our core subjects. First of all I will start Analog Electronics then I will add machines, power systems…etc later. Here I will post my lecture in words by topic wise, after every topic I will add previous GATE and IES bits. More over here I will post most of theoretical then problematic so it will help IES a lot then GATE. One important feature of my classes are I will include operation graphically if possible, so you will understand topic well. Thank you for reading, bye.